I am a performer
I am a performer

You are an actor, singer, musician, conductor, dancer, circus artist, stuntman ...

Payment of your rights, funding of your artistic projects ... Discover all that the Adami can do for you!

Prades / Paris / Orange

Révélations Classiques de l’Adami 2018 (Classical Music talents)

Révélations Classiques Solenne Païdassi © Thomas Bartel
Adami, partner of the artists-performers, brings to light again 8 young soloists, 4 lyric artists and 4 instrumentalists through its operation Revelations Classiques of the Adami 2018, accompanying them with three public and professional events. A landing pad for these young talents, this operation contributes to the development of their careers by allowing them to […]...
Eglise de Catllar Catllar, France
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