My artistic project
My artistic project

Adami provides financial support for artistic projects that promote employment, career development and the promotion of performers.


Every year, more than 17 million euros contribute to the financing of more than 1,300 projects in all artistic genres.

Funding policy

Adami provides financial support in addition to the budget for projects of creation, distribution, support for artistic and cultural education or continuing training of performers promoting employment, career development, promotion and promotion. training of professional performers.

These projects must comply with French legislation, including legislation on labor law, intellectual property, and basic fiscal rules.

Beyond the criteria of admissibility of a project, the Adami’s will is to defend the interest of the performers, in particular by consolidating their jobs but also by making them loyal to their company.

Faced with a constrained budget and the Adami’s desire to defend the interest of performers, the aid granted is selective and based on the choice of elected commissions.

Application for funding must meet objective criteria and are divided into different sectors of activity:

Live performance funding: concert, show, festivals, first parties

Production support (on all media) and recording promotion

Audiovisual project funding: fiction short film, web creation, show capture, festival

Education support: annual funding, internships, fellowships


Apply for Adami funding

If you are an audiovisual or music producer, a show promoter, festival director, a dance or theater company, a training organization represented by a private law structure with legal personality :

Funding programs

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If you are a performer or producing artist managing your own structure and you are looking to finance your personal project:

Funding for artists

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