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General assembly meetings

General meetings 2021

The extraordinary general meeting (EGM) and the ordinary general meeting (OGM) will take place on Monday, June 28, 2021

Adami’s members: the ordinary general meeting is an opportunity to give your opinion on the conduct of Adami. You vote on the annual accounts and general policies and you elect the 8 members of the board of directors and the 3 members of the supervisory committee whose positions are renewed.

This year, you will also give your opinion on a reform of the articles of association and the general regulations of the organisation within the framework of an extraordinary general meeting.

Note: General meetings will be broadcast live by internet

from 10:00 to the OGM
and 14:00 for the EGM

Adami’s members will receive the necessary information to ask questions and connect remotely in good time before the meeting.

Online voting is open from 2 to 28 June 2021

> The lists of candidates are available online.

> The documents presented to the general meetings (in french) can be viewed by the Adami’s members in their personal online space (documents menu): My account


> More about governance

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How to vote

Instructions for voting

The voting site is open from Monday 2 June 2021 at 09:00 a.m. (Paris time) until the closing time for General Meetings, as pronounced by the Chairman, on 28 June 2021


2 / LOG IN

> Enter your username and password shown at the top left-hand corner of the notice to attend;

> On the Menu page, select:

  • Resolutions 1 to 4 of the EGM or Resolutions 1 to 9 of the OGM:
    Read the amendment of the Articles of Association proposed at the EGM and all of the corporate documents presented at the OGM and vote for each resolution by following the instructions on the screen.
  • Resolution 10 of the OGM: Election of the members of the Board of Directors and of the Supervisory Committee:
    Read the list of candidates and vote for the candidates of your choice by following the instructions on the screen.

> Click on “SUBMIT” to view a summary of your voting choices;

> Check your choices, then click on “VOTE” to confirm them, or return to the previous screen by clicking on “BACK”;

> The acknowledgement of receipt of your votes will be available by logging back into the voting website with your codes for the duration of the vote.



Important notes:

> Before clicking on the “VOTE” button, it is always possible to return to the previous step or even exit the application, during the entire election period.

> After clicking on the “VOTE” button, the vote is final and you can no longer return to it. The line corresponding to the recorded vote (on the Menu) then changes colour.

> Throughout the entire voting period, it is possible to validate a vote for an election or a resolution, then exit the application and return to it later to make the other vote.


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The Administrative Council

Composed of 24 Adami members, the Administrative Council directs and supervises the activity of the society in collaboration with its manager.

Its members are elected for 3 years by the General assembly of the Adami members. One-third of its members are renewed each year.

A call for applications is made before with the the Adami members.

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The supervisory committee

The Supervisory Committee controls the activity of the Administrative Council. It is the link between the General Assembly of all members of Adami and their society.

The 6 members of this committee are Adami members elected for 4 years by the general assembly. Half of its members are renewed every 2 years.

A call for applications is made to Adami members.

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The performers commission

The performers commission

The artist relations commission (article 20.6 of the Adami statutes) is composed exclusively of associate artists elected by the board of directors. It meets at least 3 times a year and decides, in accordance with the rules of admission, on particular cases or disputes concerning applications for admission submitted by performers or their successors, beneficiaries by inheritance or legacy.

It shall examine and propose to the Board of Directors :

  • Changes to the rules of admission;
  • The general policy of the relationship with performers, and in particular the services that may be rendered to them by the society in accordance with its corporate purpose.
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The artistic commissions

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