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Performers' Services organisation: Rights Management, Project Funding, Advocacy and Career Counseling.


A society created and administered by artists

Adami’s artists, holders of a social share, participate in the life of their society through deliberating and voting the resolutions submitted to them at annual general assemblies (ordinary and extraordinary) and by electing their Adminstrative Council and the Supervisory Committee.

They also have the opportunity to stand for election to the Adminstrative Council, the supervisory committee and the commissions awarding financial support to artistic projects.

The 24 members of the Adminstrative Council and the 6 members of the Supervisory Committee are elected by the General Assembly.

> Articles of Association & General Regulations (June 2018)

Administrative council

Reflecting the various professions performed by the performers, the Adminstrative Council is composed of 24 members divided into reserved seats. One-third of its members are renewed each year. This representativeness allows the members of the Adminstrative Council to defend the interests of one and the same profession: that of performer.

  • Dramatic artists

Hélène Arié, Marianne Basler, Anne Bouvier, François Dunoyer, Pierre Forest, Dominique Frot, Sam Karmann, Anne Richard, Michèle Simonnet, Jean-Paul Tribout, Valérie Vogt

  • Variety artists, jazz and contemporary music

Leslie Bourdin, André Ceccarelli, Jil Caplan, Christine Delaroche, Dorothée Hannequin, Karim Kacel, Annabelle Mouloudji, Laurent de Wilde

  • Lyric artists

Anne Baquet, Sonia Nigoghossian

  • classical musicians and / or conductors

Annelise Clément, Marianne Piketty

  • choreographic artist

Isabelle Gonzalez

Executive Committee

Anne Bouvier, President of the Adminstrative Council
Annelise Clément, Vice President of the Adminstrative Council
Dorothée Hannequin, President of the Artists’ Relations Commission
Hélène Arié, President of the Committee on Collection and Distribution
Karim Kacel, Member of the Administrative Council responsible for artistic and cultural activities
President of the Committee on International Affairs
Laurent de Wilde, President of the Finance and Budget Committee

The supervisory committee

The half of 6 members is renewed every 2 years.

Souad Amidou, Véronique Baylaucq (présidente), Catherine Chevallier-Probst, Anne Dos Santos, Olivia Lancelot, Bernard Ménez


Artistic Commissions

The dramatic commission

Jean Barney, Marianne Basler*, Jean-Paul Bordes*, David Brécourt, Didier Brice, Raphaelle Cambray*, Dominique Frot, Christophe Labas Lafite, Anne Le Guernec*, Massimo Riggi*(président), Sophie Tellier*, Valérie Vogt

Variety Committee

Blick Bassy, Cédric Belise dit Vicelow*, Jessie Chaton, Halo Maud*, Emilie Hanak, Dorothée Hannequin (presidente), Karim Kacel*, Sandra Nkaké*, Anne Pacéo*, Chloé Robineau dite Robi*, Stéphane Scharlé, Alexandre Tassel

The conductors and soloists commission

Conductors : Jérôme Corréas, Guillaume Bourgogne
Classical musicians and / or conductors: Annelise Clément, Hélène Desaint*, Isabelle Moretti, Nicolas Stavy
Lyric artists: Anne Baquet, Anne Sophie Duprels, Jean-François Novelli (president)
Choreographic artist: Anthony Couroyer, Jean Gaudin, Béatrice Warrand

The training commission

Dramatic Artists: Hélène Arié, Souad Amidou, Pierre Forest, Michel Melki
Variety artists, jazz and contemporary music: Gaël Cadoux, Valentine Guillen, Annabelle Mouloudji
Lyric artists: Sonia Nigoghossian, Olivier Fortin, Théophile Alexandre (president)
Choreographic artist: Jean-Philippe Costes Muscat, Pedro Pauwels


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