Result of the by-elections of the Administrative council and the supervisory board

The artists elected by the ordinary general assembly of 28 June 2021

Administrative council

Renewed by thirds every year, the members of the Adminstrative council are elected for 3 years:

Dramatic artists
– Sam Karmann
– Pierre Forest
– Dominique Frot
– Anne Richard

Variety, jazz and contemporary music artists
– Christine Delaroche
– Leslie Bourdin

Lyrical Artist
– Anne Baquet

Classical musician artist and / or conductor
– Marianne Piketty

Supervisory board

Renewed by half every 2 years, the members of the supervisory board are elected for 4 years:

– Bernard Ménez
– Olivia Lancelot
– Souad Amidou


> detailed results of the votes at the 2021 general assembies

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