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Why declare my dubbing activity?

To collect your rights for dubbing you must first be identified as such by our services. You can declare your participation at any time by logging into your personal account from the “Repertoire” menu (see below) or through the dubbing company for which you have been active.

We inform twice a year (payment schedule) by notifications (e-mails or letters) of the update of dubbing services (feature films, television dramas and cartoons of European nationality broadcast over one semester by the television channels).

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How to declare my dubbing activity?
  1. Log into your personal space or create your account,
  2. In your personal space « Mon compte », click on « Repertoire »,
  3. then on « Audiovisual repertoire »
  4. After an unsuccessful search from the list of works, click on “make a statement”
  5. Select the work that you participated in and that did not appear in your Repertoire. To do this, you can use search by title, by dubbing companies and or sort by date (newer, older) or alphabetically (A to Z from Z to A) … Proof of participation (employment contract) will be attached directly in the online form (photos or scanned copies).
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Audiovisual recordings

Sound recordings

Check and declare my sound recordings

 Check and declare from your repertoire the list of your participation as a performer.

If you notice that participation in a qualifying work is missing (phonograms, titles and songs), directly upload your statement online from your personal account my account in section « Repertoire ».

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