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Adami informs project leaders and artists that the submission of new applications for aid for artistic projects is suspended until the end of December 2020 due to a decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union on  September 8th 2020 which can have significant consequences on the allocation or the amount of aid.

Adami is doing everything possible to resolve this situation as quickly as possible, and we will keep you informed regularly.

Program Adami-Trigger

A new form of support for actresses and actorsto help them personally develop their show project – in which they will also be performing – from its the conception.
This program operates in the form of a call for applications followed by a selection by a Committee.

Offer direct assistance to the performer to help launch his/her project and support for all major phases of creation and distribution.

  • Adami steps in before the creation
  • The performer is at the center of the process, artistic and financial
  • The artist from the conception of the project is assured of the support of Adami

Who is concerned ?

Actresses and actors, Adami’s artists, perceiving a certain level of rights.

What are the criteria ?

  • The artist carries his/her project will be also performed in it
  • Minimum of artist on stage: 1
  • The artists participating in the project must be professionals
  • The development of the project and its distribution must be done in compliance with French legislation, collective agreements and the Code of Intellectual Property.

Phase 1: formalize your project
It will be payable upon presentation of invoices paid by the artist (design and sending the file, reprography, photos, room rental, purchase of basic accessory for presentation model, etc.)
Adami can, if necessary, put the artist in touch with professionals from different sectors so that the latter can, if he/she wishes, use the expertise of these professionals for the realization of his/her project.

Phase 2: Production / residencies, rehearsals and first dates
If the project develops, a creation aid is granted automatically and the artist becomes co-producer of his project (contractualized in a tri-partite agreement).
The aid awarded will be indexed to the number of artists, the volume of employment and the risk taking on the operating conditions (purchase or ticketing).

Phase 3: diffusion, tour


In addition, as part of their exchanges and meetings, the Adami will remain a privileged interlocutor to provide advice and advice to the artist for the realization of his “project”.


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