Accompany your music project

Adami informs project leaders and artists that the submission of new applications for aid for artistic projects is suspended until the end of December 2020 due to a decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union on  September 8th 2020 which can have significant consequences on the allocation or the amount of aid.

Adami is doing everything possible to resolve this situation as quickly as possible, and we will keep you informed regularly.

Program Adami 365

We support the global project of an artist who has at least three projects, including a recording, which will take place over 12 months.

Who is concerned ?
This program is intended for music artists identified on the music scene who manage their career directly. It is aimed at artists who have already benefited on several occasions from financial support and / or is part of the career development operations initiated by the Adami.

What are the criteria ?
The artist or group must:

  • have a structure that he controls, dedicated to his projects
  • be an Adami’s artist
  • have benefited from at least 2 traditional financial aids and / or have been awarded Adami Détours, Adami Jazz Talents, Adami Classical Revelations, Unik Sessions, Symphonic Hip Hop, etc …
  • have given concerts in venues with gauges of 600 places minimum, in the last 5 years
  • have recorded at least 1 album that has been commercially distributed
  • have 3 projects in the next 12 months including a recording (the artist will be the owner of the master), accompanied by projects of residency, clip, broadcast concerts … etc.
  • to comply with applicable laws and collective agreements

How to do ?

The request must come from the artist and not from intermediaries.

If you meet these criteria you can call us at:

+ 33 1 44 63 10 00 (choose 2)
From monday to friday
9:00 am to 13:00 pm and 14:00 pm to 17:30 pm

If the criteria are met, the possibility of the application is submitted to the commission.
In case of acceptance, the file is constituted, after an appointment with the artist, then submitted to the vote of the commission.

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