Talents Adami Danse 2010

2010 : Talents danse changes de dimension

Dominique Hervieu et José Montalvo

Five young dancers aged up to 25 years, including nine of the next creation choreographers Directors of the National Theatre of Chaillot, José Montalvo and Dominique Hervieu, benefit from the Talents Adami Dance program.

For them it is a great gateway into the professional world they will live the experience of international production co-produced by a national choreographic center. The art association Adami provides compensation of the five dancers throughout the rehearsal period and the first seven performances.

Orphée, choreographic piece for 16 performers including 5 « talents danse Adami » :
Stevy Zabarel, Morgane Le Tiec, Natacha Balet, Delphine Nguyen, Brahem Aïche, Stéphanie Andrieu, Babacar Cissé, Grégory Kamoun, Karim Rande accompanied of singers and musicians Soanny Fay, Sabine Novel, Théophile Alexandre, Blaise Kouakou, Merlin Nyakam, Sébastien Obrecht and two musicians theorbos.

Brahem Aïche

Brahem Aïche - Talents danse Adami 2010

Natacha Balet

Natacha Balet - Talents danse Adami 2010

Morgane Le Tiec

Morgane Le Tiec - Talents danse Adami 2010

Delphine Nguyen

Delphine Nguyen - Talents danse Adami 2010

Stevy Zabarel

Stevy Zabarel - Talents danse Adami 2010

 photos : Thomas Bartel

This is organised by the Artistic Association of Adami. Founded in 1994 by Adami, it conceives and produces transactions and events allowing professional performers to start or continue their career in the best conditions.

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