The sharing of proceeds from streaming

Radio-CD-streaming: how much do artists earn?

As a preview of the publication of its 2015 distribution figures, Adami offers an insight on artist remuneration.

Using music market data and Adami performers’ rights regarding the radio, this analysis compares their income based on the main uses of the music recorded.

This infography follows up on the one showing that all artists share €0.46 for a streaming subscription at €9.99/month.

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Radio sources: 10 generalist and music French radios (Europe 1, NRJ, RTL, RFM, Nostalgie, Chérie FM, Fun, Virgin, RTL 2, Skyrock)

The inequitable sharing of proceeds from streaming

Performers love the cultural industries. New digital practices provide a wealth of opportunities for music and music-lovers alike.

However, with regard to music streaming, it is unbelievable that the musician generates 22 times more value than he actually receives. 

Performers all over the world have rallied in protest. The international coalition was created in 2015: Fair Internet for Performers.

Numerous reports published since 2008 have concluded that the sharing of value is inequitable and that the traditional performer-producer contract is unsuited to streaming.

The solutions are already known: equitable sharing, direct payment of performers' share by streaming platforms through collective management.

Without performers, there would be no cultural industries!