Eleventh European Performers' Conference

photos : Thomas Bartel / Jacques Benaroch

Workshop 1: Is collective royalties administration a solution for the distribution of artistic works on digital networks?

The Zelnik task force – launched by the French government – surprised the music world by coming out strongly in favour of the collective administration of all forms of music distribution on the Internet. This news, followed by the appointment of Emmanuel Hoog to act as a middleman between producers, performers and digital platforms, is an opportunity for us to discuss the context, issues and consequences of such an option for the profession.

Workshop 2: Is the law an obstacle to artistic creation or distribution?

To create is to transgress. Is the legal protection of rights holders an obstacle to creativity? Should the existing law and rules be changed to facilitate the creative process? Is it possible to devise a policy to assist creativity that will both impose obligations on society and foster artistic freedom and individuality?

Workshop 3: Europe – facilitating or threatening creativity?

The construction of the European Union has opened up a vast territory in which goods and people can circulate freely, yet artists and performers are concerned about the policies implemented and are expressing their fears. Should we beware of Europe? Should we criticise and campaign against European initiatives in the arts or should we rely on European institutions and their work and consider that the future of artistic creativity to a large extent on the development of the EU?

Cabourg, 25th & 26th November 2010

Every autumn since November 2000 the Rencontres Européennes des Artistes (European performers' conference) brings together people working in the performing arts to examine the impact of the digital revolution on the practices of performers and the upheavals that it causes in the economy of culture.