12th European Adami conference

Cabourg, 8 and 9 December 2011

Every autumn since December 2000, the Adami European Convention at Cabourg has welcomed members of the profession to the event and invited them to consider the impact of the digital revolution on the work of performing artists and the upheaval it is causing in the economy of the cultural sector.

Eleven years later, the Convention is now an essential gathering of the profession that allows Adami to act as a bridge between members who are sometimes very far removed from each other: performers, producers, public bodies, consumers, cultural players, experts from the digital world, spokespersons from the wider society, politicians, specialists in the new technologies, lawyers, societies for the distribution of foreign rights, etc. Adami has set out to create a forum for the sector where its concerns can be aired and discussed, and proposals to address them drawn up.

The Adami European Convention is principally an event for reflexion and discussion, but does not overlook entertainment and conviviality. Every Convention has sought to highlight performing artists and those who support them with concerts, live performances, tributes, etc.

First workshop : Future of Collective management:competition, privatisation or cooperation ?

As a legacy of trade union struggles, the collective management of royalties has been built on a national model, producing a very comprehensive territorial network, particularly in Europe. The internet has upset this balance by creating a world where the notion of national frontiers is hard to maintain. In the same context, there is strong attraction in Brussels, London or Silicon Valley for instituting a system of «global» management of royalties that would be a radical departure from current practice.
Who will pay artists in the future? Current royalty collection societies, Google, Apple or a single European or worldwide collection society? Worldwide or local : what will be the future model for the collective management of royalties?

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Second workshop : Music and audiovisual:towards universal digital acquisition?

The culture industry has seen many technological revolutions, from the invention of the recordplayer to Cloud computing and Internet streaming.
Intellectual property has had to adapt accordingly. We are seeing the dematerialization of artistic work, with demonetization at stake. How can the industry respond to this, and how can legislation be adapted in the light of this evolution in the production of, and access to, artistic work? What is the impact on our professions, our incomes and what method of management is required?

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Third workshop : Performing artists and politics: if I were the President?

Led by Philippe Ogouz and a key figure, several artists have agreed to take part in a game posing the question If I were the President? – a vision of a “cultural ideal” by those who are at the heart of artistic creation: the artists.

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Jessica Wachthausen
01 44 13 65 83 – 06 15 79 06 63

Jazz concert

December 8th - 7:30 pm - Churh of Cabourg

With Alex Tassel, trumpet bugle (Talent Jazz Adami 2011) and Laurent de Wilde, pianist.