Call for applications for artistic commissions 2020

Applications are open to Adami artists from October 30 to November 30

Come support artists and their projects!

The artist at core

From January 2021, our project financial aid policy will refocus on direct support for artists, while retaining a share of employment support through aid to structures.

You are a musician, actor, singer, dancer …and Adami artist ?

Submit your application to the artistic commissions for projects carried by and for artists.


The call for applications is closed on November 30, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.


The Administrative council will elect the new members in December 2020.

Your artistic expertise will be invaluable in supporting artists and their projects.

Member of artistic committee:

  • you study the project application,
  • you share your opinions and thoughts,
  • you choose which projects to fund.

“One day, I received a call for applications for the Adami drama commission, I had a flash, and I said to myself why not. It was a hell of a job, 50 projects to study per month. And I really liked it. I’m so aware of what it’s like to put on a show, to be a company, to find the money, the places. ”

Anne Bouvier, President of the Administrative council of Adami
Interview published on October 28, 2020 in “L’œil d’Olivier”
(in French)

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