Talents Adami

The Association Artistique de l’Adami, created in 1994, creates initiatives and organises events to help professional performers get started. Every year, the careers of more than one hundred artists are boosted by a wide range of regular initiatives such as Révélations Classiques, Le Violon de l’Adami, Talents Danse, Talents Cannes, Détours, Paroles d’Acteurs and Talents Adami musique Jeune Public, which are organised by the Association Artistique de l’Adami in partnership with the biggest events in the profession. Talents Chefs d’Orchestre, which gives young conductors the chance to conduct a major orchestra in concert, is a new venture for 2008.

A society that listens to artists

Adami attends all the cultural and professional events that it partners in order to meet artists and professionals, keep them informed and help them claim their rights.

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