How to entrust to a third party a mandate or power of attorney?

You are a performer, or his/her inheritor, and you wish to entrust a third-party (individual or legal entity) with a proxy / power of attorney in order to consult, declare or collect payments related to your rights ? In this case, the steps to follow are :

1- Click on the button below in order to download the Agency Agreement / Power of attorney PDF form, according to your situation.

You are an artist // You are an heir
Download mandate “artist” :/ Download mandate “heir”

  • Complete, paraph, sign respectively the mandate (the artist or his/her heir = the Principal and the designated representative = the Mandator) and necessarily attach the following documents (*):
    • A photocopy of the valid identity card or passport of the artist AND the designated representative, in the case where the designated representative is a company:
      • a certified copy of the company registration and the designation of the legal representative (example excerpt trade register);
      • an original letter of appointment of the person authorized to sign the Mandate / Proxy on behalf of the company, or any official document certifying if it is not the legal representative;
      • (if available) a copy of the previously signed mandate between the artist (or his / her heir) and the designated representative.
      • In the case of a payment mandate, the bank statement of the Principal t and the Mandator.
  • Address the original mandate and the required documents by mail to:

Adami – service relation artistes – 14,16,18 rue Ballu 75311 Paris cedex 09 (*)

Depending on the situation you are in, additional documents may be required. Regardless of the mandate entrusted to a third party by an artist or his heir, the agent will not be able to create or access the online personal space of the client. The proxy will not be able to participate nor vote in the Instances of the company (general assembly for example), these rights being strictly personal to the artist / heir.

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