General regulation – Article 1 – Admission

Any natural person applying for admission as associate must prove his identity and at least one performance as a performer that has been fixed within the meaning of Article L.212-3 of the French Intellectual Property Code.

Holders of performer rights who apply for admission on behalf of the performer must prove their status as heir so that their legacy or estate can be registered in accordance with Article 6.1 of the present General Regulation, before they can proceed personally or by proxy, in the case of several heirs and/or legatees, with the application for admission.

Before consenting to the association, applicants for admission are informed, by the Statutes and these General Regulation, by the application for admission and by the society’s website, of the rights they enjoy pursuant to Articles L.322-3 to L.322-7 and L.324-4 of the French Intellectual Property Code, as well as the deductions provided for in Article 13.1.2 a) and b) of the Statutes and any other deduction made from the income from the use of their rights and any income or assets resulting from the investment of these income.

They sign the application for admission, whether paper or digital, which concludes their consent to the association with the society and provides the supporting document(s) for the quality required to be admitted as an associate of the society, such as, without this list being exhaustive, a recording agreement for a performing artist, a payslip attached to a performance of a performing artist, a fee distribution slip from the society.

The application for admission and the supporting documents provided are examined and validated as soon as possible by the society. The application may be submitted to the Performer Relations Commission referred to in Article 20.6 of the Statutes.

By signing the application for admission, applicants:

  • Specify their contributions to the society and authorises the management of the rights which they entrust to the society,
  • Undertake to comply with the provisions of the Statutes and the General Regulation of the society,
  • Agree to pay the amount of the value of the share and the administrative costs of admission set by the Board of Directors,
  • Accept the processing of their personal data in accordance with the society’s Personal Data Charter.

The nominal value of the share is set and may be revalued by a decision of the Ordinary General Assembly.

The amount of administrative costs related to admission is set and may be reassessed by the Board of Directors, which informs the General Assembly.

The status of associate is deemed to be gained upon recording of the nominal value of the relevant share in the society’s accounts.

Newly admitted associates are informed of their newly-gained status by any means.

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