General regulation – Article 6 – Representation of rightholder

6.1 – Rightholders’ obligations

Any rightholders represented by the society, whether in their capacity as associate, by law or by collective or individual agreement are required to inform the society of any change in the information provided at the time of their membership, its declaration or subsequently, and in particular relating to their contact details (personal address, email, tax and financial information, etc.) and their professional activity (pseudonym(s), group, role, instruments, directory, etc.).

Any holders of performer’s rights by inheritance or bequest must prove this capacity and contact details, if applicable, of the professional activity of the performer to whom they refer, before being able to claim the benefit of the rights to which they lay claim on an individual or joint basis.

All rightholders managed by the society are required to comply with the decisions and rules adopted and implemented by the society in the interest of all rightholders.

They also undertake to refrain from any actions that may harm the material and moral interests of the society and associates or the professions represented by the society.

6.2 – Society’s obligation

The rightholders represented by the society receive the sums it manages on their behalf in accordance with the provisions of Article 5 of these General Regulation and the decisions of the General Assembly.

Information relating to the management of rights defined in Article R.321-16-I of the Intellectual Property Code is made available to the rightholders which the society represents. This information is available on its website, in a personalised and secure account that lists:

  • the contact details which the rightholder has authorised it to use in order to identify and locate it;
  • the amount of income respectively distributed and paid to the rightholder, specifying whether this information is available, their breakdown by category of rights managed and by type of use;
  • the period during which the use took place for which income was distributed and paid to the rightholder, unless objective reasons relating to user declarations prevent the society from providing this information;
  • the amount or, failing that, the percentage of deductions made from this income, specifying that deducted in respect of management fees on the one hand and the provisions of Article L.324-17 on the other;
  • the amount of any income from the exploitation of rights that has been distributed to rightholders but which remains due to them, regardless of the period during which they were received by the society.

Failing this, rightholders may ask the society once a year to provide them with the above information by any other means.

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