General regulation – Article 7 – Rightholder requests

All requests by a performer or his beneficiaries, relating to the conditions of admission, management authorisations and contributions, resignations, as well as the management of his rights by the society, must be made in writing and sent to the society, to the department in charge of Performers Relations. To this end, electronic access is provided to them on the society’s website.

The request is the subject of an acknowledgement of receipt and is sent to the competent departments of the society which will decide by a written and reasoned decision within two months, which may be extended for a legitimate reason, in particular due to the documentation in its possession or the nature of the case.

In the event of a favourable response, the remuneration due to the requesting party in the event of claims relating to the management of rights by the society, is calculated and paid as soon as possible, and reinstated for subsequent distributions.

In the event of a challenge to the decision by the requesting party, it is submitted for appeal to the competent statutory Commissions which rule at their closest meeting. The requesting party shall be notified of the decision by electronic means.

This procedure is established without prejudice to the right of the persons referred to in this article to implement the alternative dispute resolution methods provided for by law or to refer the matter to the competent judge.

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