Statutes – Article 23 – Ethics committee

23.1 – Membership and mandate

The Ethics Committee has three members, qualified persons, appointed in accordance with Article 2.7 of the General Regulation

The members of the Ethics Committee are appointed for two years. They may be reappointed, not to exceed a maximum of six years in office.

In the event of the death, resignation or incompatibility of a member during his term of office, he shall be replaced for the remainder of the term, in accordance with Article 2.7 of the General Regulation.

23.2 – Powers

The Ethics Committee is responsible for the rules applicable to the bodies provided for in Article 3 of the General Regulation and the rules applicable to associates provided for in Article 4 of the General Regulation. For advisory purposes, he shall assist the Managing Director and the Board of Directors in their implementation and content and shall ensure their compliance under the conditions provided for in the Statutes and the General Regulation. He approves, on the proposal of the Managing Director, the charters applicable to the bodies established in accordance with the Statutes and the General Regulation.

He is also responsible for preventing and identifying any conflicts of interest – whether actual or potential – encountered by the directors of Adami, members of the Supervisory Board, members of the statutory or ad hoc committees, members of the artistic project selection committees, the General Director or the Managing Director. To this end, the Ethics Committee monitors the preparation of the annual individual declaration of interests defined in Article 16.4 of the Statutes, drawn up by the Managing Director and each member of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board. He shall vote in accordance with the procedure set out in Article 3.1.2 of the General Regulation on the measures to be taken in the event of an omission or inaccuracy in annual declarations of interest and on potential or actual conflicts of interest that may be brought to its attention in accordance with the procedure provided for in Article 3.1.3 of the General Regulation.

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