Statutes – Article 7 – Changes to contributions

7.1 – After admission as an associate, the contributions defined in Article 6 may be modified.

7.2 – The partial amendment may relate to one or more rights provided for in Article 6 if the management of the exclusive rights and/or rights to remuneration in question has not been entrusted to the society by law, an agreement or an agreement; as well as to one or more territories excluding France.

The contribution is effective as soon as it is received by the society, subject to the rights of third parties.

The withdrawal is effective on 31 December of the year in which its request was made, subject to its receipt by the society no later than fifteen working days before the due date. Failing this, its effect is postponed to 31 December of the following year.

7.3 – The request for total withdrawal of rights contributed by the associate excludes that of the management of exclusive rights and/or rights to remuneration under compulsory collective management or legal licence in France.

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