Statutes – Article 4 – Purpose of the society

The society is a collective management organisation the purpose of which is:

The exercise and administration, in any country, of all rights related to copyright, in particular those recognised for performers, in the Intellectual Property Code and any current or future national, European or international provision, the negotiation, collection and distribution of remuneration resulting from the exercise of any right that may be directly or indirectly related to the performances of the holders of rights which it represents, as well as the conduct or participation in social protection, provident, solidarity and mutual assistance actions, cultural actions directly or indirectly concerning the holders of rights which it represents and actions to defend their professions.

More specifically:

1 – The exercise of rights to make use of artistic performances, in the context of collective management provided for by law, the contribution of rights or the authorisation of management by the holders of rights which it represents,

2 – The management of remuneration due to rightholders which it represents under legal licences such as remuneration for private copying of performances set on phonogram or videogram and fair remuneration for the communication to the public of commercial phonograms,

3 – The negotiation, setting of scales, collection and distribution of any sums that may accrue to all (or a category) of the rights holders which it represents, in respect of operating licences, collective or contractual agreements, contractual or judicial compensation,

4 – The conclusion of representation agreements with French or foreign bodies having a similar purpose or pursuing aims comparable to those set out in these Statutes, as well as the provision of any and all services in relation to the representation agreements concluded with these bodies,

5 – The supervision and control of the use of the rights and protected objects to which the rights of the holders it represents relate or will relate,

6 – The provision of services to the rightholders which it represents in connection with their professions,

7 – The provision of services, in connection with this purpose, to natural persons, companies or bodies, whether French or foreign,

8 – Actions of social protection, providence, solidarity and mutual aid for the benefit of rightholders,

9 – Actions of an artistic or cultural nature or actions to defend and promote the professional categories of rightholders it represents, and in particular actions as referred to in Article L.324-17 of the Intellectual Property Code,

10 – The defence of the material and moral interests of the rightholders it represents, in particular in the context of professional agreements concerning them or by holding a set on the bodies competent to deliberate on matters of social protection, welfare and training, subject to the rules applicable to the representation of professional unions in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Code,

11 – The exercise of any legal action, both in the individual interest of the rightholders and in the collective interest of the professions of the rightholders it represents. In this respect, the society is vested with power to appear in court, both as plaintiff and defendant, to plead, withdraw, deal, settle, substitute, compromise in any case, constitute any ministerial officer and use any means of appeal or cassation before French and foreign courts,

12 – The formation of any subsidiary or branch in France or abroad, in connection with this purpose,

13 – Any activity, regardless of its nature, directly or indirectly related to this purpose and likely to promote the achievement or development thereof, and in particular the carrying out of any movable or immovable transaction,

The society shall work toward its purpose by its own efforts and, if necessary, by any delegate of its choice upon decision of the Board of Directors.

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