Create your personal account

All your administrative procedures in a few clicks

Contact information that is not up to date, an incomplete repertoire… are all obstacles that block your remuneration.

By creating personal account, you simplify all your procedures and maximize your income

This space is dedicated to you. It centralizes all the essential elements for the follow-up of your files and allows you in all autonomy and simplicity to:

  • Update your contact information: adress, banking, tax, social security number … essential information to the payment of your remuneration,
  • Check and complete your repertoire,
  • Track your payments, check the details of your income for each work and each broadcast,
  • Download your payment slips, pay slips, tax certificates,
  • Manage your remunerations from abroad.
  • A question ? an advice ? Chat with one of our staff using the integrated messaging on “My account”. We accompany you and answer you within an average of 48 hours.


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