Gala of the Artists Union

Merci les artistes !

Continuing the social missions of organizations in more fragile service, the Gala of the Union of artists presented on the track in 2010 by the Union des Artistes, and Adami Audiens, is an additional sense of the word "solidarity "between artists.

We are committed to inform artists of the use of funds collected on the occasion of the Galas to concretely measure the impact of their actions for the benefit of vulnerable or struggling artists.

On the total amount collected on Galas from 2010 to 2013, the sum of 546,360 euros that we had announced last year, 405,922 euros have already been allocated by the Social Union of the show 234 artists. 31 cases are under study and others will come again, until total consumption of the funds collected.

Le salut final du Gala de l'Union des artistes 2010