Adami – Right to the Heart

The solidarity chain of the artists

Created in 2011 by Adami, this social benefit fund, which is financed by a contribution set annually by Adami’s Administrative Council, is deducted from the rights distributable to performers.

This contribution, which is managed by Union Sociale du Spectacle, an organisation managed by Audiens under an annual agreement, allows for the allocation of assistance to performers experiencing hardship. The sum of €262,899 collected in 2012 was distributed among 76 performers facing professional insecurity, trying to subsist on minimal pensions or having suffered serious accidents, with individual grants ranging from €1,500 to €5,000.

This fund has a total of EUR 300 000 for the year 2015.

Beneficiaries of aid Adami Right to the heart are Adami's artist members or not facing professional challenges, pensions and indecent life accidents.


Accidents of life that may trigger the allocation of aid are:

For single persons:
loss of profit unemployment benefits under Annex 10
• the absence of daily allowances of the Social Security in case of sickness or maternity
• rupture of the common life.

For couples:
• job loss or disability of a spouse.

For single persons or couples:
illness, disability requiring health costs or expenses home help,
• the death of a spouse, child or performer,
• eviction order,
• temporary difficulty paying rent,
• recipients of adult disability allowance,
• beneficiaries of active solidarity income (RSA)
• the victims of a natural disaster,
• difficulties to adjust the funeral expenses of performers,
• the entry into nursing home.

The Adami Special Committee examining aid applications retains the right to grant, on a case-by-case assistance for accidents of life that are not included in this list.

Do not hesitate to write to Adami Right to the heart:

Your application for aid must be constituted of the following:
a letter describing the situation of the performing artist in difficulty and motivating the request for assistance,
• copy of the notice of income tax,
• A bank details
• supporting elements of the situation described
• a curriculum vitae (with filmography and / or discography) of the recording artist upon request.


Adami-Right to the Heart is funded by a contribution determined annually by the Board of Directors of the Adami. Adami has entrusted the management of the Social Union show (USS).