Who we are

Adami is a society for the collective administration of performers’ rights. It operates on a not-for-profit basis.

For over fifty-eight years, Adami has been collecting and individually distributing the sums due to actors, singers, musicians, conductors and dancers for the use of their recorded works.

Performers' rights

Adami collects and pays performers’ remuneration within three legal frameworks:

  • legal licences, which are exceptions to the exclusive right to grant or refuse permission: equitable remuneration and private copying remuneration;
  • additional remuneration due to performers under specific collective agreements concluded in the audiovisual field (agreement named “cinema”, collective agreements regarding television and agreement named DAD-R regarding rights of dubbing performers);
  • representation agreements concluded with similar organizations abroad.

Adami: a professional organization for distribution the remuneration to performers

The collection and distribution of remuneration are specific to each legal licence. Adami attempts to make the, distribution of the collected remuneration more effective and more transparent.

This constant follow-up allowed the increase of the number of performers receiving the remuneration and the improvement of the amount of the collected remuneration. Thus 51.09 million of euros were distributed to nearly 80 000 performers in France and in the world in 2016.