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The Administrative Council

Composed of 24 Adami members, the Administrative Council directs and supervises the activity of the society in collaboration with its manager.

Its members are elected for 3 years by the General assembly of the Adami members. One-third of its members are renewed each year.

A call for applications is made before with the the Adami members.

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The supervisory committee

The Supervisory Committee controls the activity of the Administrative Council. It is the link between the General Assembly of all members of Adami and their society.

The 6 members of this committee are Adami members elected for 4 years by the general assembly. Half of its members are renewed every 2 years.

A call for applications is made to Adami members.

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The performers commission

The performers commission

The artist relations commission (article 20.3 of the Adami statutes) is composed exclusively of associate artists elected by the board of directors. It meets every month (except in July and August) and examines the applications for admission by the performers or their successors, holders by inheritance or legacy.

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The artistic commissions

What is the role of artistic commissions?

The artistic commissions grant financial support to artistic projects by professional activity areas of the performers.

Acting by delegation of the Administrative Council, they are responsible for setting and affect the amount of aid granted in accordance with Article L.324-17 of the Code of Intellectual Property after consideration of aid applications.

Each project is studied under its administrative, technical and artistic aspects. Decisions are taken by a simple majority of the elected representatives present. The debates are confidential.

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Who are the members of the artistic commissions?

These committees are made up of twelve Adami members of which at least two and at most three are directors, elected by the Administrative Council following a call for applications. see article 20 of the Statutes.

The members of these four commissions are elected for 2 years, renewable by half each year. They are subject to a one-year ineligibility period each time they have served two consecutive terms.

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How often are meetings?

The commissions meet about once a month for half-day or full-day sessions. The dates of the meetings are communicated 3 weeks before each session.

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How are the decisions of the artistic commissions made?

The commissions according to the number of projects to be examined are organized on a half-day or a day (according to the types and the months between 30 and 80 projects).

Projects are available via the internet 2 to 3 weeks before the commission. For this, the members of the artistic commissions have access to an interactive online workspace gathering requests for help: listening to CDs, watching videos of the latest creations, models, photos, artist website, press review …

It is strongly recommended to read it before the commission.

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How does the vote take place if I am a member of an elected body of Adami and directly or indirectly concerned by a request for help?

The members of the Administrative Council and of the artistic commissions which have a direct or indirect interest (see below) in a request for assistance discussed at a council or commission shall undertake to inform the person making the presidency of the meeting before the beginning of the session which will lead to the examination. They do not attend the debate or the vote on this request.

We specify that we mean by:

  • Direct interest in being a leading member or corporate officer of the legal entity carrying a request for assistance.
  • Indirect interest being involved in the project justifying the request for assistance or having any link whatsoever with the legal entity carrying the said request for help.

More: Extract of the General Regulations in June 2018 article 5.1.2 – Provisions applicable to the procedures for granting aid paid pursuant to Article L. 324.17 of the Intellectual Property Code.

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